I am currently memorising this amazing Psalm for the third time, and it gets sweeter and more precious each time. I first memorised it some 15 years ago, using the NIV which was my Bible of choice in those days. I then re-memorised it in the ESV a few years later, something I found very difficult to do but worth the effort. Un-learning and re-learning is challenging, I assure you, which makes it all the more important to memorise Scripture correctly the first time.

What I love about this Psalm is its obsession with the Word of God and the blessings it brings to the child of God. Last week, for example, I spent a couple of days focussed on 119:97-104, where the Psalmist juxtaposes the blessings that come from obedience to the word of God, alongside the need to keep obeying the word in order to be able to understand it. Disobedience clouds our spiritual capacities.

Today I am working on 119:121-128 and, as I re-memorise this Psalm, I am managing to do each 8-verses section in about 2 days. Each morning and evening I recite the whole Psalm – or at least as far as I have got – and then many times in the day I recite 119:89 up to where I currently am. I have found that linking the current verses with the previous section in this repetitive way hugely helps me in my memorisation work.

Also, at the moment, each morning and evening, I recite a few other verses I have recently committed to memory and, in line with Andrew Davis’ recommendations, will keep doing so for around 100 days; all the time adding to the list, so that after 100 days, some passages will ‘drop off’ the daily list and I will review them weekly instead of daily.

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