How are you doing with memorising God’s Word? I do want to encourage you in any way I can, and please do get in touch or share your experiences etc via the Comment box.

One way I want to encourage you is by sharing my own journey, and today I wrote out and began to work on Psalm 119:153-160, and this will preoccupy me for the next couple of days. I had a meeting in St Andrews this morning so spent most of the time driving there and back going over and over this group of 8 verses and the previous 8 which I learned over the weekend. It was a real blessing to my heart to do so.

But I also learned two encouraging things about Scripture memorisation this weekend. First, as I have mentioned before, I am currently re-memorising Psalm 119, having done it some years ago but not having reviewed it for quite some time. What I discovered this morning, as I wrote out these 8 verses on my 5×3 cards, was that as I wrote the first part of the verse, copying carefully from Scripture, sometimes the second part came back to my memory even though I have not consciously thought about it for some years! Be encouraged! Once you learn something, and embed it into your memory, you never completely lose it.

The second thing that encouraged me happened yesterday in church. Iain, one of my fellow Elders, was helpfully leading Communion at the close of our morning service and as he read the familiar words of 1 Corinthians 11:23ff, I mouthed them silently and got it almost completely correct! That, despite the fact that I have never intentionally memorised the passage but have, for obvious reasons, read it several hundred times over the years. The repetitive act of reading it has embedded it in my own memory. That means that, without even trying to, you have almost certainly memorised numerous verses and passages of Scripture.

So, why not do what I am now going to do, write out those verse on your cards – if you use the same system as I do – and add them to your regular review process.

The Lord bless you richly as you continue to praise him by learning his righteous rules.

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